Sunday, 29 May 2022

YEA in collaboration with Ghana Police Service Launch Community Safety And Security Innovation Module

As part of effort to reduce the rising rate of unemployment in the country, the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) in partnership with the Ghana Police Service launched a new module: Community Protection Officers.

The agreement is to provide training, recruitment and deploy 15,000 Community Protection Officers (COPs) into the various communities to provide ground intelligence to the district Community Policing centers.

It formed part of several training courses being offered to thousands of youth by the Agency in various sectors including health, education and security to enable the youth gain meaningful employment for a living.
Speaking at the lunch, DCOP Akuribah Yaagy emphasized the role of the Ghana Police Service and the brutal use of force and militarized nature of the police which needs to be replace by a more professional policing that will respect right of all citizens includingsuspected criminals.
In an era of rising unemployment,complexity of the police tasks and weakening Ghanaian social conduct,the status quo can no longer stand the test of time. We need to re-think and inject fresh ideas. The trend brought about the launch: an Innovation in Community Safety and Security. This innovationis expected to activate the consciousness of the Ghanaian in crime prevention, social justice and community welfare, Mr. Akuribah added.
The Deputy CEO of YEA Mr. Bashiru Ibrahim whiles addressing the public, re-emphasized the responsibility of the policeinprotecting the fundamental human right of every single Ghanaian, and all of us are responsible players in that regard .That is why YEA saw it prudent to collaborate with the Ghana Police Service to carry out these efforts.
Unlike the pervious Community Police Assistants (CPA) that was under the supervision of the YEA, the CPA will come under the direct supervision of the Ghana Police Service. Mr. Bashiru reiterated, after the two years engagement, if the need be for recruitment into the Police Service,preference should be given to trained beneficiary.
Our mandate at YEA is to develop, coordinate and supervise the creation of jobs for the teaming youth of Ghana and assure theGhana Police Service to fulfilling not only the vision of Ghana Police Service but also that of his Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.
Story By: Taslim Safia Adongo-Ali
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