Monday, 26 September 2022

YEA goes GIFMIS to ensure financial Discipline

He has further cautioned that any staff of the Agency who processes any financial transaction without passing through the GIFMIS platform would be appropriately sanctioned.

Mr. Frimpong made this known when he addressed officers of the agency at a three-day training workshop organized by the YEA, in conjunction with the GIFMIS office of the Controller and Accountants Generals Department (CAGD) for some key officers of the YEA at the GIFMIS Secretariat in Accra, on the 10th October 2017.
The training is to bring officers up to speed on how to process transactions on the GIFMIS platform and make payments using the same system.
Mr. Justin Kodua Frimpong made it clear to trainees of YEA that the Government of President Nana Akuffo Addo is not bereft of ideas as to how to deal with the issue of corruption in the state institutions. He said as a result, all efforts are being made at YEA to ensure that the public purse is adequately protected from waste.
The CEO said he is much aware that globally, the GIFMIS is accepted as a major tool for fighting against corruption and abuse of office.
He said that he is happy that with the GIFMIS in lace, the Agency would not be able to spend on financial obligations that have not been approved in the budget and would also not be able to exceed its budget as the GIFMIS system would not allow for budget overruns.
The CEO also pointed out that payments on the platform would also leave an audit trail for future verification and therefore financial malfeasance on the platform would be easily detected by auditors.
The CEO indicated that this new measure would create the much needed fiscal space for the agency to add more beneficiaries to the modules.
He tasked the officers of YEA in accounts, procurement and stores to ensure that all transactions are processed through the GIFMIS system.
A representative of the CAGD GIFMIS Secretariat Alhaji Sanhoo mentioned that government agencies do not have to pay anything in order to access the platform.
He said that all Agencies who are not on the network should immediately write to the Controller and Accountant Generals Department for assistance.
He also explained that the use of the GIFMIS system provides for segregation of duties and functions which acts as a check on financial malpractice.
It is expected that about hundreds of staff of the YEA would be activated on the platform by the close of the year 2017.

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