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functions and funding



In accordance with Section 3 of ACT 887, the Agency shall, in consultation with other relevant agencies and the private sector:

Set standards and procedures for the employment and career development of the youth in the country;

Train and provide the youth with the requisite skills for the labour market;

Facilitate and monitor the employment of the youth in the country;

Develop guidelines for the implementation of an integrated and innovative national youth employment programme;

Serve as a one-stop shop for the employment of the youth and entrepreneurial development of the youth taking into consideration gender and persons with disability;

Assess the operations of youth employment programmes and make recommendations for improvement;

Plan and coordinate technical assistance in the field of youth employment;

Develop, promote and support training activities of the youth to prepare them for employment;

Facilitate the employment of the youth in the public and private sectors of the economy;

Undertake a continuing study of the youth employment needs of the country;

Establish and maintain relations with relevant organizations or institutions both within and outside the country engaged in activities connected with youth training skills;

Maintain a database of youth engaged by the Agency;

Advise the Minister on matters that relate to the employment and development of the youth; and

Perform any other functions that are necessary for the attainment of the objectives of the Agency.


  1. In accordance with section 23 of ACT 887, the sources of funds for the agency include:
  2. Moneys approved by the parliament for the Agency.
  3. 80% of the communication Service Tax (CST).
  4. 10% of District Assembly Common Fund subject to a formula approved by parliament.
  5. 5% of the Ghana Education Trust Fund subject to formula approved by parliament and
  6. Donations, gifts and grants.

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