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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Youth Employment Agency

It is an Agency designed for the purpose of the development, coordination, supervision and the facilitation of employment for the youth and to provide for related matters.

Who qualifies (Criteria for being part of the Agency)

Young men and women aged between 15-35 years. The beneficiay must be resident in the district or the sub metro.

Where can one get information and also get registered?

From all offices of the Agency throughout the country.

Why Emphasis On The Youth

The youth form about 26% of the total population of Ghana and they are the most vulnerable so far as unemployement is concerned. their potential is much needed for national development.

As a beneficiary am i expected to pay back?

No. Under the paid intend/vacation modules Yes. Under the vocation modules but you are expected to only payback the cost of the setup module give to you.

What if I default in payment within the stipulated time?

The Agency has an in-built mechanism for the recovery of loans. However, where a beneficiary genuinely runs into problems he/she will be assisted to recover.

What is the role of the private sector in the agency as it is seen as the engine of growth of the economy?

Training of potential beneficiaries would be done by service providers in the private sector and also offer of vacation employment and internship would be mostly provided by the public sector.

How does the youths in a typical rural sector get information about the programme?

Much publicity about the programme is being provided in the mass media, MMDAS, Assemblymen, Members of Parliament, Unit Committees, Youth organisations, other Civil Society Organisations.

Can a beneficiary change or opt for another module other than what is initially chosen?

Normally this will not be allowed except in special circumstances.

What are the programme modules

  • Youth in Sanitation
  • Youth in Agriculture
  • Youth in Education
  • Youth in Health
  • Youth in Afforestation
  • People with disabilities
  • Vacation Jobs
  • Youth in Trade and Vocation
  • Youth in Coastal Sanitation
  • Youth in Security

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